CSS Tools - Not working in our app, but works well elsewhere

@jarrad, I’ve added CSS Tools to our primary app which is on a dedicated server. I’ve tried to get it to work on numerous pages without luck. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and still no dice.

Whereas, it was quick and easy to set-up in another app that’s on Bubble’s shared environment. Copying the logic doesn’t work. Can confirm both versions of the plugin are the same (the newest version).

Any idea what could be going or how I might go about getting it to work. It’s just too useful of a plugin to not be using it!


Hey mate, thats strange… i know this works perfectly on dedicated apps so thats not the issue. I know this is probably a silly question but have you put a CSS Tools element on each page in the new app? Are you getting any error messages outside of the standard bubble composer?

I tried it on 3 different pages in our primary app. 1 of them was a very simple page without much logic that could have broken it. I’m not getting any Bubble errors and didn’t see anything in the console either. When using the debugger, it walks through the action and it everything looks normal, but the action itself doesn’t resize the element.

If you have any ideas, I’m all ears. Or, perhaps we could do a quick screen share and work the problem together?

Here is a brand new app, i added css tools & exposed id’s - then added an action on page load to expand a box. can you see any difference to yours from this?

test-css-tools | Bubble Editor

I sent your a private message with a video of our app. It looks identical to me, but perhaps I’m missing something. Let me know.


Ok, i see the issue. The unique id property on the css tools element itself needs be be unique (its not for the element your changing.) this was put there so you can put css tools into an rg and reference cells. just change the elements id to something random or if in an rg cell make it something random + current cells index.

Got it. Can’t believe I hadn’t tried that.

Thanks @Jarrad. I owe you one.

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