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CSV easy download, is it possible?

Hello there,

I´ve a repeating group where users see their clients and I want them to be able to download the repeating group information as a CSV/Excel.

The problem is that when you download as CSV the columns does not show the header of the repeating group and also there is data on the CSV that I do not want to show to the users.

Anyone has any idea to have an exportable Excel formatted the way you want?

Thanks a lot.


We used a temporary table that is populated. So you have a button for “download” and then it waits until the table load is complete until the “save file” button is shown.

If you search there is more detail on this i think.

Hi @NigelG

I´ve seen that topic on the forum but I don´t quite understand, how that it should work.

Could you explain?

Thanks a lot.