Export repeating group data to excel


I´ve been looking in the forum something about this threat but I could not find anything.

So anyone know how to export a repeating group data to an .xls or .xlsx file that will be download after pressing the “export to xls” button?

Thanks a lot.

There’s a workflow item called “Download data as CSV”. You can feed it a repeating group in the data source.

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Thanks @ChrisL

I did not know that. But I was thinking about download a file that is a .xls so the users don’t have to do anything but open the file in excel with no formatting problems.

Even though it’s downloading as a CSV it should open in Excel. That’s what it’s doing for me right now.

Thanks @ChrisL

I´ll try and see if it fits our needs.

Is there any way to get the actual input values instead of the unique identifiers? For example, I want “Benjamin Button” in the CSV instead of “282384792392084759828376”

Is this possible?



I´m interested in this also since I cannot export what I actually see in the repeating group.

Thanks a lot.

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I wanted to answer my own stupid question here. The reason I wasn’t getting human readable entries is because the cell was referring to an object in the DB, not a field of the object. Moral of the story: the computer does exactly what you tell it to, so give it good instructions. If you ask for a Student, you’ll get the reference to the Student. If I wanted the Student First Name, I should’ve asked for it explicitly!

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Is there a way to merge different tables? What I mean is each invoice I have has a unique company and every company has a unique Tax reference, but the tax info is in a separate table. I want to export my invoices with their company name and their “looked-up” tax identifier…is there a way to do this? Thanks!

Yes, create a temporary table with all the values you need, and export that. That way you avoid all the bubble UID fields as well (apart from one).

Have a button that appears when the temporary table (for a particular user) is complete (I think I did it on count, but will check).

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Thanks for you time Nigel. When you say temporary table do you mean a whole new database set of fields which gets rewritten everytime as needed? Is there a way to create a display only table, as in a repeated group with nested tables and export that?

A new table. It gets a bit tricky to create the RG otherwise.

You could then base the RG on the new data structure of course.

Is the reverse possible i.e. I want to Import data into a TYPE ( Table ) based on an Excel or CSV

Just adding my own question here guys… When exporting from a repeating group, I notice we select the repeating groups list of items.

Does this mean the list within the database that its pulling from or is it specifically the list of items i am displaying in the table subject to constraints, any api calls etc?

I ask as we pull alot of data from API endpoints and would really like to just export it to csv lol.