CSV Exports Not Happening For Some Reason. Stuck at 0%

Been waiting for an export CSV for half a day now.

When I check, it still shows at 0%.

I have also canceled and re-started the export to no avail.

Is there a known issue?

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We would need a bug report to look into this.


For context, we’ve gotten several bug reports about our recent rollout (we changed the way we generate CSV exports to allow exporting larger amounts of data in one go), and are investigating; we expect to have a fix likely early next week.


Is there any possible workaround in the meantime? I’m working on a project that I was wanting to push out to users today.

We’re looking into re-enabling the old code for smaller exports that would have worked in the old system (larger exports weren’t working to begin with) as a temporary workaround, but earliest that could go live is sometime tomorrow

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We deployed a dropdown that lets you choose between our old export method “in the foreground”, which works but tends to fall apart on large quantities of data, and our new export method “in the background”, which should work with much larger data sets but we’ve received a number of bug reports about. We’ll leave this option up until we’ve had a chance to fully investigate the bug reports about the new export option and make sure it’s robust. Sorry for the disruption here.

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Hi @josh,

I’ll suggest keeping the old option in place, it’s fast, direct download in the browser, no waste of time. Ideal for small quantities such as tables. Maybe add an acceptable download limit for them?


I have to agree with @JohnMark. The best thing the Bubble team can do in the meantime is give us back our old export options. I am about a week behind on some needed exports because I can’t get anything out of the system.

@josh Can you confirm if dedicated apps also received the old export option back you mentioned here? I didn’t see the option.

It appears a push was just sent out.

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Hi @josh

Something to fix imo, the downloaded file does not have the same name as the data type (user.csv) or the database views name (my_best_users.csv)

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