CSV Upload Front End Field Mapping

I’d like to be able to have a user upload a CSV file directly to database. I know such an option exists with CSV Uploadeder but I would like to have the user be able to map fields similar to how I can from the backend when I do an upload.

Through the searching I’ve done, it doesn’t seem I can access the field names/types from the front end to allow this mapping. I was thinking I could create a temp dataset that has the user upload to and then allow user to map field from temp dataset to real dataset and with an API copy those items over.

Have you tried the 1T - CSV Uploader plugin, or is that the tool you’re referencing doesn’t fit your needs in your message? It has a pretty extensive file mapping function. :blush:

Sorry for bumping an old thread, didn’t want to create a new one with a simple question (hopefully).

I currently use 1T - CSV Uploader plugin. I know it clearly states that the values I put in “Field Names” should match the ones I have in the database.
Screenshot 2023-12-05 161711

Now, let’s say a user uploads a csv file with column headers that don’t exactly match the ones I have in the db and correspondingly in Field Names (i.e. a user has ‘Surname’ column header instead of a ‘Last Name’).

The question is: is there any way (using this plugin or any other) it can still automatically map the ‘Surname’ column to the ‘Last Name’ field in the database?

Thanks a lot!

They get the option to map the fields themselves. That’s what the dropdown that appears (after CSV upload) beside each field is for.