CSV upload I'm seeking assistance with uploading a CSV file

Hi everyone !

I’m seeking assistance with uploading a CSV file through the frontend in Bubble. I have a data type called “Listing” that has fields referencing other data types. While uploading data through the database works fine, I’m encountering difficulties when using the “Upload as CSV” feature in the frontend.

I’ve tried a couple of plugins, but haven’t achieved the desired results yet. For example, my “Listing” data type includes fields like “Make” (referencing the “Make” data type), “Color” (an option set), “Title” (text), “Images” (a list of images), and “Features” (a list of features). When uploading data through the database, I can easily associate the “Make” field with the “Make” data type by selecting the “name” field. This allows for a smooth upload process.

If you have any suggestions or guidance on how to overcome this issue and successfully upload CSV data while maintaining the necessary associations between fields and data types, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

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Have you tried this plugin? 1T - CSV Uploader Plugin | Bubble

This is the best one I found. You can make it so you aren’t limited on how many rows you have this way. Also, the structure doesn’t matter either since the user chooses the fields that match up.

You can loop it on the backend to run through 100 at a time or however many rows your plan lets you do.

Then you can run through each element and update the fields you need. These type of features might end up eating a lot of WU’s nowadays though.

Does that help point you in the right direction?

Hi, thank you!
I tried this plugin, but it did not link my fields where there is a different date type or could not recognise the list of images/features for ex

So what I did was create a separate field to save those, then match them up on the back end workflow when running the loop. It seems like it is going to eat up a lot of WUs though.

In addition, there is the problem that it does not accept the list of items.

Which part doesn’t accept a list? Can you show a screenshot of the entire screen? Hope we can help. :blush:

1T csv upload of list field - Need help / Plugins - Bubble Forum

I have the same problem “BAD CSV”
I tried to make a JSON list, as specified in the error request but it didn’t work. [“item1”, “item2”]

Try using a JSON validator to make sure your JSON is correct. https://jsonlint.com/

Were you able to upload item lists via “Upload as CSV”?

Yes, there are a few ways to do that. If it doesn’t work one way, you can try another.

First maybe try something like this. You can define a different separator like “|” or something and then your list would have a comma but the csv file itself would be separated by the |.

Does that help? :blush:

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