Import CSV to Database?


i have a database for list of prices is it possible to upload csv file to fill my database for list of price?

Under paid plans you can do that, under Data tab | App data Bulk upload.


is there a format?

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You have to create Data type in Bubble beforehand, column names have to correspond to CSV first row.

Edit: you match columns in csv with data type columns during upload setup.


Hi Eftomi,

I just followed the Bubble’s manual and your advices, but my data raws are left blank after the upload.

Do you ever experienced something similar ?

Cheers !


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Hey Robin,

I assume you found your solution now, but i found that and following their instructions it’s working fine for me :

I also have this problem. Did you find a solution to this?

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Not sure if the following is possible with Bubble. 2 different users have different csv’s they need to upload for my application. I don’t know in advance what the names of those columns are or how many columns the CSV contains.

The destination ‘table’ really isn’t a fixed schema as different users care about different columns of information from the CSV. Also column names maybe totally different in each CSV.

I think I need to store data in a file format vs. a database and so wondering if/how bubble can handle importing a CSV in this dynamic type of scenario ? .