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Cumulative sum in a repeating group

Hello everyone
I’m new in bubble and would like your help on the following question:
How do I get the accumulated sum as in the example below in a repeating group? I have a Column A, with several values, and I want another one, Column B, which shows me the accumulated sum of the values in column A.
I’ve searched here on the forum and found nothing.

Thanks in advance


Hey @cleitonbarros25 :wave:

Thanks for the post and welcome to Bubble! We’re glad you’re here.

I haven’t ever done something like this before, but if I were gonna give it a try, here’s what I’d do: I would set my repeating group to display the appropriate records with two text fields for each record. The first (your column a) is easy as it’s probably pulling from a field. For column B the dynamic expression would be something like RepeatingGroup’s list of records items until current cell’s index # :sum field where value is stored.

Essentially, on record one, it will only sum record one. On record two, it’ll sum record one and two etc.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions: [email protected]


Thanks @AndrewV , it works perfectly!

Perfect @cleitonbarros25! Thanks for the update. Thrilled to hear you were able to get it implemented.

We’re here to help if anything else comes up! → [email protected]

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