cURL request Where to put this "-o"?

Hello everyone.
I am trying to call an API from cURL import.
The request has headers ( -H ), and body has form ( -F ) value which are ok I can find them easily.
But problem is I don’t find the place or I do not know to put the value of ( -o ) which should be made with the request. This is the output format for the request file. In this case this is an image file.
Where I can put this?

Request Example:
-H ‘Authorization: API_KEY_HERE’
-F ‘contentImage=imagepath’
-o ‘image.png’

Where to put -o (output) value “image.png” in the request here?
Here is the screenshot

Thank you in advance.

Hey @kazimdgoni :wave:

Maybe try this?

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at the CLI , your Curl client is asking the server for a resource whose URI corresponds to a static FILE in the server’s fs.

server side, actions are as follows

  • stat file sys for file.size()
  • stat file sys for file.mime.Type
  • buffer the files bytes with asyncReadFile()
  • include the buffered file as Body of the response
  • send Response to the client

Curl client has a hook to the local fileSys
Curl implements protocol http(s)
Curl handles the buffered file , using -o parm and just writes to local file system

Bubble prod runtime does NOT implement local fileSys
Rather, it collaborates both with DB ( file uploader ) AND with AWS.S3 for storing the bytes

So, the genl PROTOCOL senario you have

  • external API that is returning files / bytes with http TYPE, CONTENT-LENGTH as hints what todo re the client-side handler consuming http.

Basically, your protocol is presenting you with a cloud fileSys thingy and you need to handle that using bubble’s features for data and for files.

Not really a --no coder-- type answer. sorry for the tangent but IMO bubble needs to do a better job with this type of cloud based file exchange.

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@J805 Thank you very much for your kind reply. It doesn’t work that way. There must be a way to solve this though.

@rowntreerob Thank you very much for your kind reply. At least you told us how this works. Take care.