Current date time MINUS minutes?

Hello, I am trying to check if 30 minutes have passed when the user was online.
In the database I have “lastOnline” field, and every 10 minutes I want to run a background workflow to mark those users offline if more than 30 minutes have passed, simple right?

Well, unfortunately there is no function (more likely I can’t find it) to decrease the current time, there is a way to increase it however…
In my head this should work if lastOnline > currentTime MINUS 30 minutes

How are you guys doing it? :roll_eyes: Thanks!

Just put a negative number for the +(minutes) i.e. current date/time: +(minutes) -30

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well damn me… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Edit, nevermind, seems like it was just a glitch!

Since the thread is already create I will use it for one more question, maybe you would know
I am trying to change a list of things (online status of all users) ,
I used “make changes to a list of things” action , but for some reason bubble isn’t taking it, any ideas?

No bubble, I am in fact trying to change a list :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Hey guys,
We just released a plugin to fix this complex problem which shouldn’t be one for such a simple feature of knowing the last active status of a user :sweat_smile:

It’s a powerful cloud-based plugin to detect a user’s active status with low implementation work needed and optimised for performance.

@adamhholmes @tomajx

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