Current Date/Time Not Updating

Hello all,

I’m having a spot of bother about the below…Wanted to check if it’s my issue or possibly a bubble bug before I send them a bug report…

Essentially I’m seeing inconsistencies with the updating of the current date time all around my app.
You can see that one of them seems to be updating properly.

*oops, sorry correction → none of them appear to be updating fully correcty. That last one is still a good hour behind as you can see.

Did you set up the Google API keys? If not you need to. That’s how Bubble updates current time/date.

Two things to consider…

Firstly the current date time is set on pageload, and will be the time the page was loaded. It doesn’t automatically update in real time. If you want it to update continuously, there are several options, including running a workflow every second to update date data somewhere on the page, running some javascript to do the same, or using a plugin (Current Date/Time - which does update in real time).

Secondly, you also have to consider timezones, so check if your formatting the current/date time in the user’s timezone (if you’re not then you’ll have a different time displayed on the page).

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Current date time is set to the time the page was loaded. The fact that this doesnt update continously would explain my issue - thanks for explaining that. but that last screenshot shows a different current date/time to the other two…the page was not refreshed between those screenshots being taken…wonder why that one updated and the other’s stayed at the time the page loaded. The conditionals I have must have a role to play there.

Would that workflow to update time continuously eat up lots of capacity? (I want this to scale) What would that workflow roughly look like?

Yes am using current user’s time zone. tick.

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So I have to set every user’s location as a GEO address, then make everything set to that addresses timezone? Seems odd when this information should just come from the browser via ‘Current User’s Current Date/Time.’

solved by creating a custom state on index called current date/time which every 1 second is updated with current date/time. I am concorned about server usage however…I have a Do a search for which returns items relative to this constantly updating state…

So clock the page then make a new condition called day/time and make the field a date. Then change the Text that says the date and time to “<page name’s> date /time” then format it how you want. After that create a new workflow:

Do everyone 1 second: set state
element- page
state- date/time
value- current date/time

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