Current Time and Date

Is there a way to display the current time with the counting seconds? I saw it before on a bubble application but can’t figure it out. By using a Text I can show the current time, but it won’t update unless you refresh

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Hey @ParliamentJohn, you can do it by creating a state on your page, and have the type of state be date, then go into your workflows and create a new “Do every 5 seconds” function, and change the seconds to 1 and make the action be set state of your web page and the value is current date/time. Then when you display it using a text you do, your page’s name’stime and then you can format it accordingly.



You can try to use the following plugin:



It automatically updates the date each second.


I swear ive tried following your instructions, but I can just not figure it out

Would you like me to create a mockup of what I am trying to explain?

Yes Please. That would be great

This is the link to the editor: Bubble-forum-demo-app | Bubble Editor

This is the link to preview the page: Bubble|App without code

Hope this helps!


I guess I am just too slow. Lol. Is it possible for you to make a video of you doing it?

What part is making you have some troubles?

Creating a state on my page. Idk how to do that. I thought creating states was IN the workflows

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been a bit busy. But I have attached a screenshot below of how you would create the Custom State.

Step 1: Click on your page - The page’s properties menu should open up, then click on the little ‘i’ as shown in the screenshot

Step 2: When you click on the ‘i’ you should see this menu appear

Step 3: After you have opened the menu create a new state by click on the button “Add a new custom state”

Step 4: When you click “Add a new custom state” a menu like the attached image should show up.

Step 5: Name the state, “time,” then the state type, “date.” Check the screenshot for a visual.

Step 6: Click the “Create” button.

Then you’re done! If you need any more assistance feel free to let me know!


Got it! Thank you so much!!!

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You’re welcome! If you need any more help feel free to ask!

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