Current Index Counter on 1 Row Repeating Group

Hi there everyone!

I’ve got an issue with a repeating group that I’m sure is a simple fix, but I can’t for the life of me find it.

I’ve got a group of 1 row, 1 column. It displays one contact per row, and I have arrow buttons to cycle through a list of contacts. This is populated by a dynamic search.

I’d like to have a counter so the user knows which contact they’re on.
3/15 for example.

I’ve got the count of total working fine, but the ‘Current Cell’s index’ which I thought would be just the ticket isn’t working (it stays on 1 as I cycle through contacts). I’m guessing that’s because it’s only a 1 row RG.

After some searching I can’t see anyone with the same issue so I throw myself at your mercy :smiley:
Anyone have an idea on how to achieve this?

Thanks so much!

Hi there, @rob6… this idea might not be the best, but could you just use a custom state that’s a number and increase or decrease the number by 1 when the arrow buttons are clicked? It feels kind of hacky because it’s not tied to the list of contacts, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Anyway, just food for thought… hope it helps.