Current user unique ID question

I want to store in my database the email, and the name of a pre-user (someone who has not an account yet) and to link the pre user to the user I want to use the “current user unique id”, so I wanted to know if this id changes after some time or not? Does it changes after my pre-user create an account on my website?


Just as an fyi. Bubble creates a temporary user for any new visitor. This lasts three days.

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When a new visitor attends your web app - Bubble creates a temporary user. This temporary user will be demolished in 72 hours if he doesn’t register. If he signs-up within that 72 hours window - the unique ID of temporary user will be assigned to a registered user:

When the sign-up process is completed, Bubble transfers the temporary data over to the newly created user automatically.

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okay, thanks!

thanks for the answer!