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How to associate the records of non-signed in users?

I am creating a prototype app that does not require the user to signup or login.

The user is able to create different types of database records (e.g. Posts & Ratings) that will be stored in separate tables.

I want to be able to identify the associated Posts and Ratings of a user without asking for any personal data that could be used to link them.

Does Bubble have something like a unique user ID that could be stored with each record? I could then use this ID value to associate records in both tables created by the same user.

Bubble does create a temporary user ID, but that ID is lost after some time.

Maybe you can try retrieving this user’s unique id and then store it in a separate field. Might work.

Thanks - That would work.

How would I retrieve the value of this temporary user ID? It doesn’t appear to be stored in the Users table.

You can try “current user’s unique id”

I haven’t tried it myself in past whether this would work for temp users, but you can try and see if it does.