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Current user's email not available for privacy rule

I wonder why the definition of a privacy rule does not allow Current user’s email as item to compare. I explain with an example:
A Thing with field recipientEmail
I wonder why I cannot put a rule: When This Thing.recipientEmail is Current User’s email.

Any hints?

That’s odd because I’m pretty sure I do that type of Privacy Rule all the time. :thinking:

Maybe you do rules with a recipient of type User (not text like mine).
The below rule works for me as well.
When Thing.Recipient = Current User
provided Thing.Recipient is keyed by the email field.

However it implies that the Thing.Recipient is a User while I want it to be a simple text field. The reason is that I need to import the Thing table from a csv when the users are not yet registered at import time, so the import would fail using the above rule.

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