Privacy rules and sending emails

So I want to put email behind a privacy rule so that only the current user has access to their own email.

However I want to be able to automatically send emails to different people based on activities of the current user.

Simple example.

User X posts a job
User Y applies for a job

As part of the application - i would like user X to receive an email from the platform explaining that someone has applied.

Right now I do that by accessing user X’s email address while user Y is the current user.

How can I still do the same thing without exposing email addresses?

Put the sending emails workflows into a backend workflow and make sure you check the box to ignore privacy rules.

Thanks @boston85719. I’ll look up backend workflows. Are they just like … front end workflows?

Pretty much with some differences. The difference is the way the trigger is setup but once that is done the workflows actions are the same, however, you can do recursive workflows in the backend.

Good to know. thanks.

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