Custom "App refresh" banner design

The “Your app has been updated” message is annoying by itself. It’s getting to the point where customizing the message isn’t enough for me and my users. I’d love to customize it further, with a design that vibes better with my brand.

Anyone feel the same way?

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I agree. I think it would be more accepted to deploy new versions of production apps when in use (small no-risk fixes and features) if this was available. The current design does not look friendly.

Also would like to customize the text when I hit deploy. For example “The new button has arrived”.

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I’d second this! Even a custom message, color and font at minimum would be a nice-to-have.

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Love that idea! So we could add the “What’s new” in that space.


@alejandrowunderlich, I built a little custom feature for this into one of my apps, might help your look a bit (but doesn’t really address the Bubble header itself). Here’s generally how I did it:

  1. Created a 1x1 pixel reusable element that doesn’t have anything visible and throw it onto every page. You could throw this into a header/footer/menu that’s visible on every page too.
  2. Inside the reusable I created a popup, on this popup I created a title, date field, text field for patch notes/description of changes, version number, optional feature image, link to the patch notes on our forum, link to our twitter, etc…
  3. Created a DB record called “releases”.
  4. Made a little internal dashboard to create new releases in a form (or you can just do through the DB). This workflow would also update the field on all our users with a flag ~“show_release = yes”.
  5. Added a workflow in the reusable like: If current user’s show_release = yes, show the popup loaded with the release with the most recent date.
  6. If that popup is closed then mark the current users with “show_release = no” until the next time I created a release.

I don’t think a Bubble-built feature would need to go this far, but could be nice paired with an updated look on the banner as you proposed.


This is a great solution. Perhaps this could be based on “version number” for each user so you don’t have to update each and every user.

  1. Keep a DB type for “versions” where each version increases in number.
  2. Add a version field for Users to save “Current version”
  3. If user’s version is < the latest version, then show “What’s new” popup.
  4. When user closes the popup, update user’s version number to latest version.

Really awesome suggestion. Sadly, this would be just PERFECT if we could combine it with an option to turn off the nasty Bubble banner.

I’m currently working on a fullscreen app wrapped in Xcode. Having it fullscreen means the bubble banner is showing up behind the iPhone’s notch, which is terrible.

@alejandrowunderlich, could you throw this on the ideaboard? I think that Bubble looks at it and considers it more carefully when it’s got a lot of upvotes, I’d totally upvote this feature


Done! Unfortunately you can’t link to the idea itself, or search for it (wtf!), but if you have patience, you’ll find it there, hahaha.

Reviving this old thread since I was just wondering if this was possible too. Has anyone been able to find a way to accomplish this? Maybe a plug-in?

Hi @Dexx,

Check out this post on Buildcamp:

It’s been a game changer for me.

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You are a hero sir! That’s exactly what I need for a quick fix. I did however stumble across this earlier, and want to link it in case anyone could use it as well.