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Hello. As you may know, the new bubble update doesn’t allow apps to deploy live. With that, if you make edits while ppl are using the app, it will show that notification at the top telling you to refresh. Anyone know how to possibly override that maybe using JavaScript or a plugin? Please lmk. Thank you!

Hey there @ryaavr25,

Are you talking about getting rid of the banner or the behavior? If you’re just talking about getting rid of the banner, check out this thread @NigelG wrote late last year:

Yes, I am talking about the banner. Would I put that in an HTML element?

Yes. You would.

OK, it didn’t work. Should I try JavaScript?

Also, do you know how to make an image zoomable using HTML? I used to have the script but now I can’t find it.

It should actually be: Noticed there was a missing slash for the closing tag.

.bad-revision {
   visibility: hidden !important;

Nope, but I think a quick Google should do it. This is what I found

Yea I saw that. I was looking for something like this: Live Map

Thank you. Ill try it.

You might check out Leaflet.

Ok thx. Also regarding the script u sent me, is there a way to make it so when u refresh it doesnt show the new things or not?

Not sure about that. I didn’t even know about that code until I saw @NigelG’s thread about it a while ago.

OK thx.

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