Custom Bubble Database + Server Location?

Is it possible to select a custom database or server location with Bubble?

Certain regulations require that the data be stored on a server located in a specific country.

Without the ability to select the country, we can’t store the data within Bubble.


Dedicated solutions
For enterprise clients and apps with special requirements, we can run a dedicated Bubble instance on a cluster in the AWS region of your choice.

The price for a dedicated solution is somewhere between $1000 and $1500

Failing that, you could use Bubble purely for its designing tools and as a frontend to a REST API hosted within your own country (so you meet the data storage requirements). Obviously, this would make your Bubble app a little more complex, but is certainly do-able. I quite enjoy using StrapiJS for putting together quick REST APIs, if you’ve stringent requirements but also have some coding chops, putting together a REST API with node.js using Express & Passport (use JWT auth strategy) is certainly a possibility with plenty of learning resources out there. Hope that helps :grin: