Full Calendar Alternative

Hi Everyone,

Still struggling with the Full Calendar plugin as in my opinion it has the following limitations and can’t be used beyond a basic booking system usage.

  1. Not possible to have a parallel display of multiple resources (e.g: Room, Trainer, etc.) ;
  2. Lack of workflow actions that would allow to manipulate multiple calendars at once (e.g: Next Day, Set Date, etc.)
  3. Enable modification through dragging/resizing can’t be linked to a workflow. Thus impossible to check for instance overlap or conflicts when dragging/resizing.
  4. Not possible to perform basic customization (default view per week or per day for instance).

Did anyone managed to find a suitable (and cheap) alternative to Full Calendar ?

Many thanks !

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I like to create my own calendars with repeating groups

Thanks Alexander but a repeating group is not ideal to display time slots.
Especially if these are not set to have a “fix” length like 1 hour or 30 minutes but are set to the minute.

You can also not drag/drop and resize.

Any other feedback on this ?

Can’t believe I am the only want who wants to manage multiple ressources through a calendar and who finds limitation with full calendar…

Bump. Anyone found a solution to this?

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Guys @wfarrell73 and @karacrystal, have you found some good alternative? Igot the same problem now. I need good Resource Calendar for my app :confused:

I created a template that is meant to address the issues with scheduling. It is like a clone of Calendly and Google Calendar combined.

If you are looking for ways to enable scheduling and booking meetings, the template is great.

Hi @boston85719
this is not exactly what I need. I rather looking for sth like this: 1-day vertical resource view - Demos | FullCalendar

Okay. The template has a 1 Day View, but it doesn’t have the color duration representation.

Ok but what about one timeline for each resource? Just like in the link I attached above.

I believe the one timeline for each resource is what I referred to as the color duration representation.

I experimented with that but the way I was able to accomplish it was restrictive in the duration of an event a user could create, so opting to give complete customization of a duration, I had to remove the ‘timeline’ or ‘color duration’, which was disappointing for me.

Hi Boston85719 - thanks for building ScheduleMe and all your contributions to the forum.

I’m unclear what you mean by color duration representation. Are you saying it is not possible to represent multiple resources or rather it’s not possible to represents multiple resources with multiple calendars?

Thanks again.