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We run a service that allows users to select a custom short url such as we have a htaccess configuration that redirects all traffic to this domain to which allows us to load the appropriate data for the user.

My question is, is there any way to allow users to add a CName record that points to our domain? I guess the way this would work is bubble would need to alter our htaccess file for our application to include the redirect and add a wildcard subdomain to allow traffic to be pointed to subdomain to be redirected to the url.

Having our users setup their own subdomain say and have that point to and then redirected to our

Apologies if I am not relaying this correctly. Any thoughts from other members or bubble themselves?


Check out this thread. Reece said he successfully did it with one of his apps I believe.

Thanks for the link.

As far as I can read this issue wasn’t solved and bubble has since only made this available for dedicated machines.

Maybe reach out to Reece and see if he still has this available, if you’d like. I think he’s the only one to successfully do it without going through Bubbles dedicated plan.

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Thanks! Yes we have a working setup :slight_smile: @keedanpunch

Are you able to elaborate on the setup?

Reece has figured out a way to allow using CNAME for a custom domain but it only points to one specific domain (i.e. and requires the use of a login to work properly. If your users will be logging in, then you are set.

Otherwise I don’t know that this is possible without the use of subapps. If you can figure it out, I would be ecstatic!

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