Custom CSS on API repeating group

Hello Team,
I have a repeating group that loads from an API. I need to apply some custom CSS (standard styling doesn’t achieve what I need). The issue is that the returned JSON objects can be either “type: A” or “type: B” and I need different styling for each on a hover event.

For example, on hover, if “type:A” then have a green background, if “type:B” have a red background.

I xan get the styling to work on hover but not different based on the object type.



How do you display your JSON response in RG? screenshots

Like this. Basically the panels in the past get a red bottom border and the panels in the future get a blue bottom border.

You can add a condition based on created date, no? You have data values

Not date but I can use another criteria. I was then able to add an “id attribute” and style accordingly.

Thanks, that gave me just what I needed to think the problem through a bit more thoroughly.