Can someone explain how displaying data (JSON/text) from an external API works and how repeating groups work?

Hi so I’ve got my API working and I can display some of the data from the API in a simple text box by sourcing it from ‘insert dynamic data’ and it shows perfectly.
However I can’t get repeating groups to work with the same data at all, I either get issues or just nothing shows?
Screenshot 1 shows what works
Screenshot 2 shows repeating group which doesn’t

Data source is probably just Get my team. (But be sure this return a list)
After, you can use element in your RG cell to display Current cell 's 14 second_name info

Ah, it must be because API Connector not grouping my JSON by second name but storing each individual second name so there is no list

I guess it the same payload that we talk in PM.
So actually you have what we call a Dictionnary json approach. This will cause you issue in Bubble.
From what I understand, You are using your own server so I guess that you are creating your own json structure? So I think you should review this to put the number (example 406) into a key/value like you have for ID instead. And put items into array.
I have something to convert the json dictionnary (not actually public) to a json array instead. But if you can change this on server, it will be better

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yes thanks, ive sorted that but I have another question haha. Do you know how you can show elements in a repeating only if they meet some criteria?
E.g. I want to show player second name if player position = goalkeeper

Yes. Add :filtered and you will have option to filter like when you use “Do a search for”.