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Custom event conditions should work like inbuilt workflows

Inbuilt workflows: if you have for example a workflow in response to a click event, if you have multiple workflows with different when conditions, when the event is fired, all those workflows with matching conditions will run.

Custom event workflows should work the same way. Ie if you create multiple custom events with different when conditions, when you trigger the custom event then all those with matching when conditions should run.

They don’t however - if you create multiple events of the same name with different when conditions, then only the one that you specifically mention in the trigger will fire. Below is a link to a simple mockup which demonstrates this.

If this is the intended workflow, then it shouldn’t be possible to have more than one custom event with the same name, as there is no way to choose between then on trigger.

But I think really custom events should work like inbuilt workflow.

I can probably simulate this by having a “when condition is true” event depending on something I can control in a custom event, but this would be a lot less straightforward.

Demo source:

(Also in the forum app at but the forum app is currently not working)

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second this !

I think that would be very counterintuative to the way bubble works.

When you select a custom workflow from a list … you expect that one to run, not any one that just happens to have the same name. Bubble allows pretty much everything to have the same name anyway, so I am not sure that this is inferring that they will all run. It would not be obvious.

Just trigger all the customer workflows you want to run in the same event ? That would not be very hard to do, and it would work in the way that you want ?

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Yep, I understand the workarounds.

The way bubble works on this is counterintuitive - the when clause behaves differently for custom events than for built in events. Although I appreciate “counterintuitive” is subjective.

My way makes reuse much easier. imagine I have 10 different related logic combinations and 10 regular workflows from which I want to check them. That’s setting up 100 workflows!

Actually I guess on reflection I can create a single custom event that calls the other 10, so that deals with some of the repetition. Still counterintuitive though!