Custom Event Variable Text Issues

So I’m using a custom event on a backend workflow to trigger an email send from SendGrid, and using variables such as: subject, preheader, title, body, user to pass the variables into the email.

The one thing that is annoying about this is that unlike all the other aspects I use in GUI of bubble, custom events don’t seem to allow mixing in dynamic data with plain text (unless I’m missing something). As a result, I have to use arbitrary text, append, then a dynamic value, then append, arbitrary text, etc. It is a pain in the butt, more so than usual, especially on emails using a lot of dynamic data.

I know I can mitigate this by using templates on Sendgrid so I can just send the dynamic values and have the “arbitrary text” prefilled in the template, but I felt like having one base HTML template that all my emails will use (header graphic, preheader, body, signature, footer/unsub section) seemed like the most flexible design, as I can just use HTML to fill in whatever I need to on the fly. Plus, if I wanted to update my design, I would only have to edit one template, versus having to edit 10 or 20 templates.

Is there a better way of handling this, or do I just have to deal with the tediousness of the custom event input process?

Do a single Arbitrary text then inside that it plays nicer with doing static values and dynamic values together.

Also I think most people just send templated emails so you don’t have to send the raw HTML every time, but up to you


That was an easy fix that I never even considered, lol. Thank you for that.

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