General SendGrid template?

Hi Bubblers,

How does one set up a catch-all SendGrid template for default transactional emails such as email verification? Bubble’s documentation is totally unhelpful and also seems to be outdated, still using the old SendGrid variable format.

For context:

  • I’m on a paid Bubble plan;
  • I added my SendGrid API key to Settings and verified it;
  • I created a new dynamic template in SendGrid.

No matter where in the template I put either <%body%> or {{body}} (I’ve tried both), the email always shows up empty and without a subject line, except for static assets set up in SendGrid itself, such as the logo.

Has anyone figured out how to make that thing work? Thanks in advance.

I’m not talking about a custom email with variables sent to SendGrid from a workflow. I know how to build those, but this thing for general use has been driving me nuts.

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Sadly, it seems there’s no way to do this with SendGrid’s new dynamic templates and can be done with legacy templates only. To save time for everybody who bumps into this problem in the future, here’s what you should do:


And Bubble should really update its documentation here to save all of us time.


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