Custom font issue

I have uploaded a custom font (ttf file),
then created the css file and uploaded it too.

when I try to add it as a font on settings, I get an error.
Does anyone understand what the problem is?


Any thoughts anyone?

Hey there @aviavia4u,

Good question on this one. Haven’t seen this before, but have you followed all the instructions in this Bubble tutorial by @Jeremy?

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I"ll give it another try.

I’ve just logged back in after a few months and my custom fonts have also broken… Is there an open bug?

Hey there @tgm,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Which fonts are you using? Did you check if your fonts are setup correctly?

I believe so, I’m almost certain they were working correctly before, but it’s been a few months! I followed the various tutorials dotted around the forum.

Hmm… I’d suggest filing a bug report to get the Bubble Team looking into it.

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