Custom Font OTF could not be loaded

Hello all,

I am losing my mind over this. I have tried so many times now to upload a custom font and every time it won’t work. I have successfully uploaded TTF’s before, so I’m not sure if its an OTF compatibility issue with bubble or not.

Please can someone confirm that OTF’s work for custom fonts on bubble? I am using the method outlined in the bubble video where you add a file uploader then create the link and the css file etc.


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Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble setting up your custom font. Otf files shoudl work in Bubble. Please check out our video tutorial for setting up fonts to ensure you’re hitting every step: How to Setup a Custom Font | Bubble

‘Woff’ fonts don’t display correctly inside the editor since a week ago :crying_cat_face:

I did everything on the video. The font still cannot be loaded.

I had this issue before and what fixed it for me was double checking the font-family name within the css file. Mine had a weird space which was causing it not to load since it has to match directly with what you input in the settings tab. I also used an OTF file.


Thank you, it’s work)

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