Custom Icons Implementation

We have so many great icons, and they are well updated, but why not give the creator the ability to create his own icon. Importing a svg to make an icon would be great. Hovering would give it a new colour, and it would be so easy to do.


I would also love this - importing icons as images is simple enough but do treat it with conditional formatting would be epic.


How do I upload my custom created Icon. That will be my website logo.
I have it created only need to upload it.
Any way is it possible?

If it’s an image, you can upload it using the image element in the Bubble editor.

Thank You for your response. But it has to be reused in every page.
I will have to upload it in every page, and in each page dimensions will never be accurate, when 100’s of pages are to be created. If I could make it reusable via “Style” Tab, then it will be of great help.
Else, application will be there, but not the look of CSS built applications.

You could put the image in a header and make the header a reusable element and add it to every page that you want it on. All edits will automatically be reflected on everywhere the header element is placed.


When I use a lot of uploaded custom icons as .svg’s - I sometimes create a new page called ‘icons’ then upload all the icons there as images. Then when I want to use on pages, I go to the ‘icons’ page, copy the element and then paste over onto the required page. This way your not re-uploading duplicate images to the S3 storage and in a way you can create an organised pool of custom icons ready to be copied and pasted over. Its also useful when the icons have conditions such as ‘When hovered change the image to’, so copying the element will contain this condition as well…Just a tip that might be useful.


I’d really love to have this for conditional changes too!!!

Same request in this topic: Editable Icon Library

Fully agree, it would be amazing if we could:

  • Upload our own SVGs, or - probably easier to implement - Icon font (created with sizes as
  • Be able to change the color in Bubble

One more. I’d really need it. My app brand needs different type of icons, that already are in bubble. They are also interactive - change color when clicked.

Icon uploader would be really useful

Edit: Actually I found this plugin: Iconify Plugin | Bubble

So far it works very well. The icon base is huuuge. I use Iconify in my Figma designs as well, so it’s probably everything I need :slight_smile: )

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