Upload a custom icon and change its color

I made an svg stencil version of my logo. I can upload it as a picture, but then it’s just a picture, not an icon, so I can’t change the color like all the built in icons.

Is there a way to add my own icon to the “icon” element so it works just like the built in icons?


Hey, I would like to know if this is possible as well. Thanks.

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You could paste the SVG code into an HTML code element, and then just set the color value in the code to be dynamic data

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@blueback09 An easy work around, would be to change the image source depending on certains conditions.

Is there a way to do that without uploading a bunch of different images?

you could use the database but you would have to upload the images anyway… and you would loose the “png” part of your logo so i don’t recommend it.
Otherwise i don’t know

That would be very useful to know how upload a customized icon! It’s easily done on the maps, but only on a map unfortunately…


is this possible yet?

We’re still wondering if it’s possible to upload custom icons.

You can always use an html element with your svg code and change the color with dynamic data, but it depends of your user case, in our latest template we use the approach of uploading the images and make them change depending certain conditions, but we do it because we were using them as icons for dynamic categories and it worked pretty well, you can check it by clicking on “categories” in the header of our template: Kickstarter / Indiegogo clone template

I think this link redirects to here: https://bubble.io/templates, where I do not see your template file. Would it be possible to send over a screen shot of how you used an html element with your svg code with dynamic data?

Nevermind, i was able to figure it out. It actually works better than I would have thought. I was able to just post the SVG code directly from a Sketch export. I’ll have to add dynamic data in a lot of places to make it work, but that won’t be too hard.