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Custom input fields

Would it be easy to implement custom input fields?

Would be nice to be able to guide users in the right direction. For instance, 0000-nn to make sure they know the type of content they should be entering.

Not a huge issue, a nice to have.

Do you mean the placeholder?

I interpreted the question as a request for something like a MaskedEdit control.


Not quite @romanmg.

I’m speaking toward formatting what the users are able to enter.

0000-nn = number number number number (automatic -) letter letter.

So users are only capable of entering numbers for the first four, then letters for the last two.

Oh, I understand. Basically what @DaveA linked to. Nothing built-in like that, but you may be able to craft 2 text elements that have character limits. 1 element that is text (numbers only) and 1 element that is regular text.