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Custom content format in input

In the user input, you can set a content format (text, number) and you got some options for masked one (date in mm.dd.yyyy fomat, or US phone (xxx) xxxx-xxxx.
I think a custom one would be great for any kind of input, like dates, or phones in different places - here in Brazil we use and phones like this (xx) xxxxx-xxxx.
It would be great too to help users in while filling out big numbers entries while displaying “.” or “-”, like social cards, car plates etc (
MS Excel is a cool example in how to custom format entry.


Examples to improve or use in the custom format entry-

  • More currency symbols and models (thousands with “,” or “.”)
  • Have text (only numbers) with max characters too
  • Choose options, like max and min, in all numbers entries types. Caps/no caps, etc in text entries
  • Masked email - make the user fill just the name and add automatically and recognized in Bubble as an email entry (for internal email) in sign up forms

I agree with you. We really need an opportunity to make custom content formats.