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Custom map styles

Is there any way i can edit the map style to a custom one? using the javascript object array that google allows. I want it to be like this one:

We’ll look at how we can add this, right now you can’t do this.

Thanks for replying Emmanuel. Just an option to import/paste json would do the trick.

Yes that’s what I’m thinking about. Should be able to do this next week.


Sounds awesome. Thanks!

Just deployed that. Pick custom style for the style and you’ll be able to paste the json :slight_smile:

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This is Perfect! Thanks! Such custom code boxes would make bubble very powerful.

Another such instance - I am trying to do an autocomplete search using google places API. There is no place to enter “type: cities”, if I just want to search for cities. The API has a parameter for it, but no place to enter it in bubble.

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