Embedding a map style

Does anyone know how to embed a style of map from snazzy maps?

i have successfully put a JSON in my map. However in the map maker i have created a one that will make my app a lot quicker to make but its just giving me a HTML code to copy and paste to embed but i dont know where to place this.

thank you

you can place html code on your page headers or in a html element
i think mapbox is nice for custom design

so would i just copy and paste the code. create a html element on screen then paste the code in there?

and thank you i might check mapbox out now

yes ,

that is working however now i cant use the functions that you get from the map element.

I was hoping that i could just get the style i created but in the map element.

is that possible?

idk i havent experimented with adding maps yet

no problem but you have taught me some useful info so far. thank you :blush:

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