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Custom Onesignal logo. Need help

Trying to add custom logo to my Onesignal push notifications. If anyone has experience with this please respond.

What’s the issue?

I’m having a hard time trying to put my logo icon in the place of the onesignal standard bell icon

Can you post any screenshots? Is it giving any errors? I believe it should be a JPG or PNG.

It says to put a custom icon I would need to put it in the drawable file

Hard to help if you don’t share more. Are you talking about this step?

This one ! Small icon 16132686471942598606796932176918|281x500

I believe that part comes from Android studio

Hey, have you managed to solve it? I have the same issue. I worked a lot to make the logo unique and at the same time simple, and I don’t want my work to be a waste. However, I also make a stamp as an alternative. I have designed it very quickly on as it provides everything you need to create an original stamp in just some clicks. Thanks in advance for your reply.