Need Someone to add OneSignal push notification to my App

I’m launching my website as a mobile app soon on the app stores and so am looking for someone to add push notifications. I have seen on the forums that OneSignal is probably the way to go and there is a plugin someone’s made but I’m working on other things on the site so am keen for someone to do it for me.

The basic kinds of notifications on my app are the following:

  • getting a message
  • someone commenting on something you’ve posted or commented on
  • global update messages about what’s new.

If you know how to do it and could easily add it to my app then send me a message with:

  • a specific and reasonable quote
  • how soon till you could do it
  • anything I’d need to do on my end (eg: getting a onesignal account or adding/changing some workflows on my app).


  • If i assign you the job then by all means we can email or video chat but Bubble inbox messages are perfectly adequate for now.

*NOTE: I am also looking for someone to redo my home page of my website so feel free to look at my other post if you are good with UX design.

I can help.
Please check PM.