Custom State in a Reusable Element Not Being Initialized

I have a reusable element with a non-interactive input that has its own custom state to increase by 1 or decrease by 1 based on + and - buttons within the reusable element. My workflows within the reusable are being initialized when I click the + and - but my initial workflow when the “page is loaded” where I set the states to 0 to start are not being fired at all. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Found out a workaround if anyone is interested. I’m just going to use 0 as my placeholder in the input and I’m going to include “or if custom state as blank” in my workflow that runs if the custom state is zero and I hit +. Still interested in an answer though for why the workflow for “when page is loaded” isn’t running in my reusable.

You could just set custom state default value to zero.

But, no, not normal for a on page load workflow in reusable to not execute.

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