Reusable element custom state workflow not triggering

I have a sub-menu inside my reusable element that changes the custom state of the reusable itself.

In the debugger, I see that the custom state of the reusable element is changing. So far so good.

However, I can’t get the workflow to trigger in the main page. I have a “Do when condition is true” workflow, set for Every Time, that looks for the custom state of the reusable to be a certain value. I see in the debugger that the reusable’s custom state changes to what the workflow is looking for. But then I never see my workflow triggering.

It should be triggering according to what I’m seeing in the debugger. It is not. Is there a step I’m missing with reusables here?

Edit: The reusable is part of a repeating group, which may be the problem. Is there any way to bring the custom state of the reusable into the main page if it’s within a RG?

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