Custom state "not showing in the drop down list"

**custom state event ** i have a custom state list setup ready to go but its “not showing in the drop down list” in the DB

e sorry

I’m slightly confused by your post here…

Firstly, why the same image posted twice (or are they not the same image? - I couldn’t spot any differences…)

Secondly, what’s a Custom State Event?

Thirdly, your question seems to be about a Custom State (I think…), but your screenshot images are showing Custom Events…

And fourthly, what does any of that have to do with the DB?

Are you asking why a custom state is not showing in the Custom Event dropdown?.. If so, that’s because the Custom event dropdown only shows Custom events (not custom states)…

Are you trying to set a custom state value? If so, you’ll need to use a Set Custom State action, then select the element the custom state is attached to, and then you’ll see the custom states for that element.

If not that, then what exactly are you asking/trying to do?