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Why can't I have duplicate values in custom state?

I have a workflow setup that when the value of a dropdown is changed to set a custom state to :add item: to the custom state that was the dropdown’s value.

I then have this data displayed in a repeating group.

This works great, but if I choose something from the dropdown that is already in the custom state (ie Form Shooting), it doesn’t get added. Is there a workaround for this.

Here’s a link to my app that I’m referencing here:

Any help is appreciated!

I could be wrong, but I think you just need to set-up the custom state as a “list” instead of a single value. Haven’t done this before myself so may be wrong about it though.

I have it as a list. Just not sure how to have the same value in a dropdown show up twice if it’s chosen twice in the repeating group. Would be thrilled if anybody can figure this out. Been hanging me up for quite some time.

Generally, lists are designed to prevent adding duplicates.

You can get the effect of duplicates if the list is of rows in a database table (each list item is a “thing”), and you are displaying a field of an item, and two rows have the same value for that field. This might fit your example.

A way to make a list with duplicates is if you start with a list of things, and use a field from each thing to have a list of field values.

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