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Custom State Pop Ups in Repeating Groups? (OLD - Dynamic Repeating Group Content?)

Hey there :slight_smile: ,

How do I make the pop up in the button inside my repeating group (the grey shape) change based on when a new cell has been generated?

Rather than showing the same pop up for each cell, the content (location of the click) inside each cell once generated should be different.

Let me know if you need additional information :slight_smile:

I think I could be going to wrong way about achieving this output - open to hear some thoughts.


Within the popup - that popup can access either “Type of content” and or a custom state. When the actions does “show” the popup - either set the “type of content” or a custom state on that popup with specific information taken from that cell. Make sense? Or do I misunderstand you.

Yes - I believe this is correct ,

Show pop up in custom state within repeating group based on cell type which is information taken from that cell

How to go about achieving this? …

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