Passing Information from a Repeating Group to a Popup


In my website I have a system to review user’s information.
It’s basically a popup that has 5 boxes of Repeating Groups and each of them show a different thing.
I want to make the cells on these Repeating Groups clickable so a new popup is open.
I the new popup I want to pass more information passed from the specific cell.

I don’t know how to do it and I’d appreciate it if you could help me with that.

You can not have a popup on top of another popup. Put the first one as a standard page and then have one popup. The popup will have access to the values in any fields that are on the main page. To access information from cells in repeating groups you will need to know the index number of the cell they clicked. So when the click, save the index number to a custom state, then in the popup your fields can use Repeating Group name … cell index(which is the custom state) … field name … value to get the data. I hope that gets you headed in the right direction.

Hey thanks for your assistance.

I created a custom state in the Repeating Group, then I set one of the text elements so when its clicked it will open the popup and set the index of the cell in the custom state I created in the Repeating Group.

Then in one of the fields I tries to set the default values to
Repeating Group Name…Custom State Name…Field Name… Value

However, it didn’t show me the fields in the , all I had is :formatted as…, is, is not, and all of those other options.
I didn’t get to choose the elements that are in the cell.

Without a screen grab of what you are seeing I can’t really help. See if you can grab that and I’ll take a look.