Custom State Table Effect

Hoping someone can help out:
A popup opens to create a new “Task”. Usually, I would do this so the new Thing (Task) is only created then the user clicks Save. Within the Add New Task popup, the user can add Task Assignments, which are not only users but also a description of their role and number of hours they are assigned. If it is just adding Users, I could use a Custom State, but since there are other types of data, Custom States don’t really work because if one of the data are blank, the list will not align the user with the right description and number of hours since each set is an independent list.

The effect I want then basically a table of custom states, which I can’t figure out how to do. The only way I can understand how to do this at the moment would be to create a new thing (Task) and create new things for each Task Assignment within the Popup and delete them if the user cancels the popup dialogue. Does anyone know a better way of doing this that only involves create things when the user saves?

@boston85719 - maybe you have an idea on this?


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What i do in similar scenarios is to have a text state. That state will be a list of things that will each look like this:


I split that text item with :split by | (call by :item#) which i can then use to match any data type item by UID.

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great idea! thanks for the tip… that would work perfectly.