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I’m creating a job board.
At the end of the process, when the user clicks on “post job” button, I set on a workflow “create a new thing” and I create the job announcement.

Among the various items, there is “role-type” which takes two values from “option set”, “by hours” or “by project”.

This is what users see.

I would like that by clicking on one of the two groups, I can add the corresponding “role-type” value to “create a new thing”.

Hi there, @ivan.rss92… one way to go here would be to have a custom state that is tied to the option set, and when the user selects hour or project, set the custom state’s value to the appropriate option from the option set. Then, when you create the new thing, set the Role-type field to the custom state’s value. Oh, and make sure your Role-type field is tied to the option set, too.

Hope this helps.


thanks @mikeloc it works!

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