CVS export doesn't show values, only numbers

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to be able to find a way to export my data through my app as a CSV and then have the values showing in this export. All I see is numbers (see image below). How can I change this? This way the export isn’t of much help. Thank you in advance!

You can change the primary display field for each datatype in your app data tab (click the ‘Primary Fields’ button).

That will change the field that is displayed for a given datatype in both your app data tab, and in CSV exports.

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Thanks for the fast reply! Lists of things still show up as numbers though, what would be the solution to that?

That’s strange, for me lists show up in exports as their primary display field, the same as individual entries, so I can’t answer why I’m afraid - I’ve not experienced that behaviour.

Are the correct fields showing in your Bubble app editor App Data tab? Or are the unique IDs still showing there as well?

I’ve heard this plugin works well :slight_smile:


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