Export CSV Cant Remove Unique ID

I’m trying to allow users to export a CSV of a data type. Problem is instead of showing names for registered individuals, it shows their unique IDs. In searching Bubble for help, I see this exact problem was documented a few years ago.

I tried going into the primary fields, but see that I had already changed it over to the field I want to appear (name).

Still getting the unique ID being spit out in the download.

The one saving grace here is that I am able to successfully export through the data tab in Bubble. At least it can be done if absolutely needed. But I’m wondering if this has ever been resolved? Or is there a CSV export plugin that is reliable enough to recommend in order to get around this?

The built-in save CSV was not well-thought-out. For some reason, the bubble developers thought that unique IDs would be useful to end users. They aren’t.

You’re going to need to use a CSV plugin to achieve any useful kind of CSV output. I would recommend the 1T CSV Creator plugin. It does require using JSON formatting to get what you want, but the result speaks for itself.

This is the easiest way to get a human-readable amount of text out of the database into CSV. The documentation is easy to follow and clear.

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