Daily 5-minute workouts that will kick your butt. Totally free, no sign ups, no profiles, no bull

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Hello fellow Bubblers. A few months ago I launched Furious Five on iOS, intense 5-minute routines. Android peeps got left out. It was featured by Apple and got raving reviews. I didn’t know about Bubble back then so launching it on another platform remained a pipe dream until now!

We partnered with two of the top athletes from my native Guatemala to create the most effective workouts we could cram into 5 minutes. They’re really hard, but really effective.

:fire: As we like to say, it’s for those with little time but a lot of mettle.

The original iOS app took about 7 weeks to build. Our Bubble app took 4 days (and it’s arguably better!). Couldn’t be happier!

My plugin stack

  • Air Keyboard Shortcut , so users can control the flow of the workout with the keyboard
  • AddToAny Share Button so users can share routines
  • IP Geo + Ipiphy to get a user’s country for when they post to the feed
  • Convert Text to List of Words (by @ZeroqodeSupport) one of my fav plugins. We used it to import and process JSON files with a pretty complex workflow from iOS.
  • Mathjs to calculate a bunch of stuff
  • Multi-File Uploader, to add routine covers to a all 120 routines at once (by matching filenames with routine id’s
  • Toolbox, needed some JS to block the keyboard from scrolling the page (it’s used as a hotkey to start the workout)
  • Air Copy To Clipboard so users can copy the routine’s URL to share it everywhere

Bubble made it better!
Due to Bubble’s flexibility, we added an anonymous social feed where you can post a comment after your workout.
We also added an exercise checklist so you can see which exercises are left.

For those who want to know how I built certain things, please ask away.
For those who love a good workout, I’m happy I can build something of value for you.

Link: https://furiousfive.app/

Cheers everyone! :beers:


Very cool - congrats!!!

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Thanks Ryan!

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Very elegant design. Job well done.
“for those who want to know how i built certain things, please ask away.”

  • ok, I’m asking :grinning:
    May I please review a design or development document(s)?
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Hi, welcome to the bubble forums! Thanks for the compliment!

I don’t quite understand. What, exactly would you like to look at?

This looks great! One question though - did you build the iOS app with Bubble, and if so, how did you handle building the Apple Watch?

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Hey! iOS app is native Swift, unfortunately.

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Right, I thought so. So is the Apple Watch app using Bubble as an API or something, or are the iOS/watchOS apps built independently from Bubble?

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Yea, correct on the later. iOS + WatchOS apps are native and were actually built before I knew about Bubble. However, it’s easy to see how the iOS app could have easily been made with Bubble. Not sure about WatchOS apps, don’t think it’s possible at the moment without going native. WatchOS is pretty tricky!

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Ah, okay, cool. Sorry for the persistent questions, just want to know for one of my apps - did you integrate your Bubble app with the iOS/watchOS apps, or build the Bubble app independently?


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No problem at all! Please, ask away!

The showcased Furious Five Web bubble app is completely independent of the iOS app and WatchOS app. There’s a chance we could build an API that would allow users to sync their iOS user data with the Bubble app. However, as it stands, the Bubble app has no user accounts. It’s just designed to provide free workouts to anyone that stumbles upon it.

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Very cool app, nice! Congrats!

You know what may be missing to your app : muuuuusic!

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Great idea… no videos are on the website though?

Alright then, thanks for the info.

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Thanks! What do you mean? All videos are hosted in the site

Oh mama, don’t get me started on the topic of music. We add music, people ask to remove it because they listen to their own music. We remove music and people want it. There’s no happy medium here.

So we figured, just let people use their own music and be done with it :sweat_smile:

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I think he means that there are no videos for today it seems

There are routines every day:

Is that what you mean @ed727 ?

No videos came up, just these flame animations…

:smile: :smile: :+1:t2:

The good compromise : music with a on/off switch :smile: