Daily Workflows in Legacy Plan

Hi everybody,

I’m using the Personal (Legacy) plan. When I try to create a daily workflow, the message below appears.

Is the daily limit still a thing, considering the legacy plan can no longer be subscribed?

It would be annoying if I have to find a work around, to schedule daily workflows without upgrading to the Starter plan.

Hi there, @Nicolas-d… it looks like that limitation is still a thing (I wouldn’t have expected it to have changed), and the community can’t help with that, of course. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to upgrade because you can use a recurring backend workflow (i.e., a backend workflow where the last step schedules the same workflow again), and I’ve seen plenty of folks (myself included) who go that route rather than using the recurring event feature.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you @mikeloc I managed to implement a recurring system workflow. The workflow is triggered from a button only visible by the admin. For now, it seems to work.

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