Scheduled API Workflows Personal Plan Limitations?


I am working on a project that needs certain non-recurring notifications on a Personal Plan. For example, to notify the user one day before the password expires, and i am having some trouble with the Scheduled API Workflows, they do not execute properly.

  1. Are there limitations for the use of Scheduled API Workflows that are NOT Recurring? If so, what is the limitation, how can I know how long these workflows can be used?

  2. In the Settings tab I get this message:
    ¨The current plan prevents some features from functioning properly. Some Set Recurring events have a frequency that are not supported in this plan.¨
    At some point I tried to use a recurring event, but I discarded that option. Why does that message remain?


I don’t believe there are any limitations or at least that I know of.

Would need a deeper look to identify the issue, but it may be a bug. Have you refreshed your page after deleting the recurring event?


Hi @johnny.

I no longer have a single recurring event scheduled and I still get the message.
I´ll contact support.

Thanks a lot.

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